Timber Frames & Other Products

Timber Frame & Other Products

Bring nature inside

If there are log or timber products you are looking for, get in touch and we’ll do everything in our power to build it.

Whether you want to run your hand over a natural wood railing or cozy up by a beautiful fireplace, Lakeland builds exceptional log and timber products to accent any home. Many people come to us for timber frames to build homes that last. Add to your new log home package, or complement the home you already live in.

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At our state-of-the-art facility, we create classic and modern wood accents that add a natural touch to any home.

  • Timber frame (more info on these below)
  • Posts and railings
  • Log steps and stringers (both inside and out)
  • Log and timber trusses
  • Mantels
  • Log dowels of varying diameter and length
  • Floor beams, ridge beams, purlins
  • Log corners and other accessories for a conventionally framed home
  • Almost anything you can dream!

Supplying Timber Frames

Superior to other framing materials in many ways, timber frame homes are structurally sound, energy efficient, and natural in aesthetic. We supply timber frames of exceptional quality, made from the forests that surround us. There are many reasons to use timber framing, and incorporate locally-sourced renewable resources in your building process. So why do home builders, home owners, and suppliers like timber frames from Lakeland? The reasons abound, and here are a few:

  • The gorgeous woodwork of full timber frame homes and decorative elements reflect the true feeling of living with nature, and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Timber frame structures are stronger and more durable than conventional materials.
  • Timber and natural building materials have a much more efficient use of energy than other materials.
  • Timber frames offer a structural integrity unmatched by other materials.
  • Lakeland uses locally sourced timber of the best quality. Our office is surrounded by spruce and pine, and we source the best fir and cedar from partners in B.C.
  • A very low carbon footprint is created when local woods are used. Use of sustainable materials, such as local wood, contributes to a lower carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment.
  • Timber framing allows for creativity and flexibility. Since there are no load bearing walls in timber frame structures, changes to the floor plan can be made with no structural consequences. Timber frame homes can also have as many doors or windows as desired.
  • Our building process creates almost no waste, and we use each and every part of the wood that is harvested.
  • We employ local people, and strive to build a business Saskatchewanians (and beyond) are proud of.
  • Timber frame homes are healthier to live in — the wooden structure stores carbons and regulates humidity, allowing for better airflow.

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Home Builders & Lumber Yards

We also work with home builders who want to create homes with sturdy timber frames and other timber accents.

Home Builders

From timber frames to natural staircases, trusses to wood accents, we work with home builders to provide the best log and timber products on the market.

Lumber Yards

We harvest the best timber around us, and transform it into the best possible building material and timber products.

Find out more about our log and timber products.