Why Lakeland

Why Lakeland

Building communities through sustainable living

We create homes that reflect your personality.

That perfect combination of form and function, creativity and logistics, sustainability and beauty, is why our homes are loved now and for years to come. Builds that match your needs and aesthetics, each home unique. Timber has a beautiful feel of authenticity, whether it’s a newly built home or one that’s stood the test of time for a hundred years.

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We’re Different

We aren’t like every other home builder and material provider. At Lakeland, we do things differently. A few of the things that set us apart:

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We have a wood processing and aging operation that ensures top quality. Not just now, but for life.

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Lakeland’s specialized team with decades of experience means your project is in the most capable hands.

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We truly believe in our product, which is why our 15,000 square foot milled log facility is built out of the product it produces.

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Innovation and technology is at the forefront of all our processes. Our state-of-the-art facility houses high-tech milling equipment exclusive to Western Canada.

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Customers rely on us in a big way. We complete projects on time, on budget, and above expectations.

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We’re green. Like, really green. Sustainability is one of our core values, and is something our team is passionate about.

  • Our homes are unparalleled in efficiency, from structural to energy.
  • We have our own wood allocation license. Nearly impossible to get, this ensures we get the best product at the best price, and we can pass those benefits on to you.
  • Our harvesting process leaves nothing to waste. We use the spruce from the boreal forest right outside our doors, and import the best quality fir and cedar where needed.
  • We have a lifetime of experience in all aspects of building. There’s no obstacle we haven’t seen, no challenge we won’t predict.

A Team You Can Trust

Building a home can be hard, but we make it easy. With nearly three decades of experience in the building industry, we have the knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment needed to turn your dream into reality. From energy efficient construction to timber frame and log building, we’ve done it all. Our team takes great pride in delivering a final product that is more than a home, it’s a piece of art. All Lakeland homes are masterpieces. Lakeland has assembled a team of artisans and craftspeople that build log homes worth dreaming about.

Building, creating, teaching, and art. We are honoured to provide the most important thing in peoples’ lives: their home.

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Lakeland Homes, From the Land

From our people to our products, we are who we are because of where we are.
A little more about our land and our people.

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Centrally located in the boreal forests of Northern Saskatchewan, we are surrounded by sky-reaching trees. This region is known for its towering white spruce, which means Lakeland has our own supply of the best building logs in the province, and in the world. These trees are perfect for building, short growing seasons strengthening the tight rings that enrich the aesthetic as well as structural integrity. We also keep a great supply of pine, cedar, and fir, and choose the wood that’s right for your project. Surrounded by lakes and forests, walking with bear, moose and deer, Lakeland’s location is truly where work is a natural state of mind.

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Lakeland employs locals. Our team lives nestled in this same forest that provides for us, and the talent pool is as deep as ancient tree roots. We work with surrounding Indigenous populations to build a diverse workforce. This team of artisans and builders, project managers and administration is dedicated, passionate, and unique. Our founder, Peter, takes great pride in teaching employees the art of the trade. Each skill is learned over hours, days, years, and perfected over a lifetime. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing our team grow and flourish, both at Lakeland and beyond.

Choose Lakeland

You’ve got enough on your plate — let us do the heavy lifting and ensure you have the easiest, least stressful timber project. We deliver sustainability, craftsmanship and a home or project that makes an impression. Lakeland homes always, always, exceed expectations.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built homes that will last for hundreds more. Our hands have turned raw timber into homes, benches, tables, and unique home accents. We’d be honoured to work with you.