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You build more than homes for your clients — you build dreams, make visions come to life.

We understand you, we do the same. When a home isn’t built by us, we advocate for use of the best materials in it, anyway. From timber frames to natural staircases, trusses to wood accents, we do it all. We collaborate with exceptional home builders to supply timber frames and other natural materials.

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Timber Frame Homes: The Past and the Future

Timber frame homes have always been well-regarded, and have seen a resurgence in modern times. There are many reasons to use timber framing, and incorporate locally-sourced renewable resources in your building process. Here are a few reasons high-end home builders choose us as their supplier for timber frames and more:

  • Timber and natural building materials have a much more efficient use of energy than other materials. Log homes are more energy efficient, and often cost less than half as much to heat and cool. Timber frames offer a structural integrity unmatched by other materials.
  • Lakeland uses locally sourced timber of the best quality. We use the spruce from the boreal forest right outside our doors, and import the best quality fir and cedar where needed. Nearly an impossible task, we have our own wood allocation license, and can pass those benefits on to you.
  • We have a wood aging process that is far outside of the ordinary, aging each log for a year or more to reduce moisture content.
  • A very low carbon footprint is created when local woods are used. Use of sustainable materials, such as local wood, contributes to a lower carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment.
  • Timber frame structures are stronger and more durable than conventional materials
  • Timber framing allows for creativity and flexibility. Since there are no load bearing walls in timber frame structures, changes to the floor plan can be made with no structural consequences. Timber frame homes can also have as many doors or windows as desired.
  • Aside from temperature insulation, noise insulation is notably better with log walls than other materials.
  • Wood has natural heating and insulating qualities, meaning home electrical bills will be greatly reduced. Air cells in the wood fibre provide one of the best forms of insulation from either heat or cold.
  • Our building process creates almost no waste, and we use each and every part of the wood that is harvested.
  • We employ local people, and strive to build a business Saskatchewanians (and beyond) are proud to boast.
  • A home with timber accents is both timeless and modern pleasing to customers of all varieties. Timber frames have seen an increase in popularity among high end builds.
  • Wood use in buildings has long been shown to reduce stress and promote better health.
  • Timber frame homes are healthier to live in — the wooden structure stores carbons and regulates humidity, allowing for better airflow. This also means that there’s typically a reduced need to purchase air purifiers, hepa filters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Are you a home builder?

If you’re a customer-centric home builder and you want to incorporate the best building materials and timber frames into your practice, get in touch. We’re proud of what we do, and we love collaborating with like-minded businesses.