Our Story

Our Story

Building Log Homes in Saskatchewan

We are a seasoned group of builders and craftspeople who are passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, and community.

Since our inception, we have had the vision of building communities through sustainability. Our log homes in Saskatchewan are our most well-known product, but we build so much more. Our hands and our hearts go into each project, whether that’s a log cabin, timber products, or anything else. From cozy cabins to modern homes and businesses, we put our mark and mother nature’s touch in all that we do.

Whether you’re ready to build a log home in Saskatchewan or talk timber, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet Pete, Founder

Peter founded Lakeland Log and Timber Works nearly three decades ago. Backed by passion and expertise, Peter has assembled a team of artisans and craftspeople. Launching Lakeland allows Peter to live his dream through his work, and that balance is the key to everything.

An avid environmentalist, Peter believes that if you are going to use a resource, it should benefit humanity more than if it were left to be. This belief trickles down into the company’s philosophy and building practice. Peter’s own work ethic and service are the key to Lakeland’s products and operation. The value of constant learning and curiosity permeates. You might overhear Peter saying that if you do something, you should do it to the best of your ability. Each day Peter teaches, and each day he learns. Peter knows every log personally, and makes sure it is used in the right place.

Seeing the forest flourish while he builds a team that thrives is his ongoing legacy.

Strong Leadership

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, Lakeland has undergone many changes. As the landscape evolves, so does the leadership. Seeing incredible opportunity in this enterprise, new partners have come aboard.

These partners bring strength, business management, environmental understanding and more. As subject matter experts, this group of well-diversified industry leaders have brought with them incredible insight and business opportunities.

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Our Team

With nearly three decades of experience building log homes in Saskatchewan and in the building industry, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and skill to bring the outdoors into your home. This team we’ve built over our years in business is a tight-knit group of locals who are driven by our cause. We all believe that a tighter integration with nature means a better, more vibrant existence. All of us are driven toward a future of sustainability, authenticity, and community.

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Our Values

We build Lakeland homes for people who believe what we believe. That the great outdoors make the best indoors, and that all of it is worth protecting, honouring and holding. Our core values guide us:

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Lakeland is original and genuine. We are who we say we are, who our customers say we are. We do what we say we’ll do, and we act with you in mind. We cultivate authentic relationships and follow up by actively listening to the needs of our customers and our team. If you are going to do something, you should do it to the best of your ability, and always keep improving your skill. We always default to honesty and are transparent in all that we do. This authenticity allows us to inspire one another, and makes our work more meaningful, interesting and fun.

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Our process is sustainable — we use every part of the timber we harvest. We take pride in creating homes that are as good for the environment as they are beautiful. If you are going to use a resource, it must benefit humanity more than if it was not used. Sustainability trickles down into our philosophy of practice as well. We take care of our team, and are constantly building a company that is a good place to work, with the backdrop of the great outdoors. Situated in Saskatchewan, we create jobs for people in our region, specifically working with the Indigenous community.

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We are providing the most important thing in people’s lives — their home. Lakeland is a community and we’re building a greater community with our Lakeland homes. Within our company, we work hard to employ locals and build an atmosphere of warmth and craftsmanship. People who buy Lakeland homes become part of the community that is our mission to build. We build communities through sustainable lifestyle. Those who choose a Lakeland home, share our same values — love for experiencing the outdoors, passion for sustainability, and a belief that we are better together.

We are Your Partner

We will be helping you create and realize your home design, supplying you expert advice and support every step of the way. Our team sets the standard in the industry and leads through innovation. From log homes in Saskatchewan to timber frames in Hawaii, winding staircases to exquisite mantels, we love crafting projects of all varieties. Our harvest practice, wood aging process, team building, and facility are second to none. Through this passionate team, we are dedicated to building positive, lasting relationships.