Lumber Yards

Lumber Yards

Source Materials from Lakeland

We use each and every part of each and every tree that we harvest.

At Lakeland, we’re emphatic about leaving nothing to waste. We harvest the forests around us, and transform it into the best possible building material and timber products. All of this, while retaining the natural splendour of the material.

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Providing Milled Log Home Packages

If your customers are dreaming about a cabin in the woods, we’ve got your back. Lumber yards across the prairies are partnering with us to offer milled log home packages to customers. We provide all the essentials for their dream home, and you take the credit. You’re the one who gets to tell them that the home of their dreams is within reach. Your customers will thank you. Read more about our milled log home packages.

Timber Products Your Customers Want

We believe that timber, and in particular our timber, is the best material for nearly any job. As a homebuilder, we use this locally harvested wood to build the most durable and aesthetically pleasing homes. We work with lumber yards to supply you with the highest quality building materials and timber products to help your customers with any project. Here are a few reasons lumber yards choose us:

  • Customers want natural wood and timber products with the appeal of sustainability.
  • Timber products and natural building materials have a much more efficient use of energy than other materials. Homes made from timber are more energy efficient, and often cost less than half as much to heat and cool.
  • Lakeland uses locally sourced timber of the best quality. Our office is surrounded by the spruce, pine, fir, and cedar.
  • A very low carbon footprint is created when local woods are used to make timber products. Use of sustainable materials, such as local wood, contributes to a lower carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment.
  • Our building process creates almost no waste, and we use each and every part of the wood that is harvested.
  • We employ local people, and strive to build a business Saskatchewanians (and beyond) are proud to boast.
  • A home with timber accents is both timeless and modern, pleasing customers of all varieties.
  • Wood use in buildings has long been shown to reduce stress and promote better health.

If you’re looking to add locally-sourced timber products of the best quality to your offering, we can help. We work with lumber yards that have high standards and offer high quality materials. If that’s you, let’s talk timber.